Sports has been an eye grasping topic since medieval period, before times it was considered for the purpose of luxury but as the time passed the meaning of sports has changed as per personal views. The game with largest popularity around the world now is Football; it is known Soccer to be as globe’s largest sport because it has viewership of more than 3.5 Billion. There are some certain areas on the planet that show dominance as compared to others in the perspective of participating in the game either as viewer or playing as a sport, they are Africa, South America and Europe, in some countries it also called Soccer. The game holds world record for people counted who had taken part in World Cup finals to be estimated as 600 million people. The next sport that comes just after Football in size of popularity is Basketball, major influences are from NBA US, China, Turkey and southern America. The word NBA (National Basketball Association) is considered to be widely premiered Professional Basketball in the world. The next game dominating the segment after these two titles is Tennis, the game is incorporated in top 7 sports in each and every country around the globe. The game has firmed its legs in Asia, France Germany, South Africa and many more. There is a list of 40 countries that represent in total of 100 players and hence the name can be seen at the top most levels of competitions. After Tennis, the game comes which has huge fan following in India, originated from UK i.e., Cricket. For saying, the game does not have much of calories burned during play in the category of outdoor games, but still the game has enough pace to hold the heartbeats of Nation. Cricket match when played between India and Pakistan is highly enjoyed by the nation’s population. For instance, semi-final match of world cup 2011 has viewership of 1 billion globally. Like cricket in India there is sport that makes US go mad about it is Baseball, the economic giant US followed by Japan is huge supporter of this game. Counting on adrenaline rush a certain game involves the players who need it to play and the audience, who need it to counter surprises, Rugby. It is defined as per by different names as Football / American Football or NFL on basis of countries they are played. The point that comes to one’s mind on hearing different name of above said sport is that: Is there any difference in the said titles? On minor scale it can be considered not of much significance but on major scale there are minimal points on which differences can be counted, for example the dimensions of field in NFL is larger than of AFL. The game denoting the same adrenaline for players is Boxing as that of UFC. Golf and Hockey / NHL are not in much of talks lately except there peak seasons. And then there are games that are much based on technology and engines to be specifically for Motorsports. Much of sports to view from list, choose your favorable and watch live streaming online.